Screen Printing Vintage Look

Screen Printing Vintage Look. Vintage ink is also a good option because you are not limited by the garment type. As a screen printing machine user, you need to adjust the registration.

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The project and opinions are all mine. Vintage screen printing is great for: However, you can still achieve a vintage look with 100% cotton garments by designing your graphics with.

While You Trying To Vintage.

One is to thin down the ink, with an additive such as finesse. Large areas of ink on shirts can be heavy and hot if you are using traditional plastic inks, but with discharge ink screen printing, a larger print like this is not noticeable when you're wearing the shirt. You can do it with proper artwork and one screen.

However, You Can Still Achieve A Vintage Look With 100% Cotton Garments By Designing Your Graphics With.

Final things to remember while printing vintage looking prints. Water based inks are thinner, more. The other, for dark or color garments, is to omit the underbase.

Adding This Style Is Up To The Customer And Will Not Look Right On All Designs, So This Saving Grace Only Applies To Particular Orders.

You're printing vintage, it's the look you're going for. Vintage screen printing is great for: For this reason, we have developed various methods that can be used to achieve this affect.

Vintage Prints Also Look Especially Good On Nicer Garments With A Heather Due To The Variation In The Fabric That Can Slightly Come Through.

Screen printing an underbase isn’t quite as simple as just putting down a layer of white ink in the shape of your artwork. If there’s no tension in the mesh, the results aren’t going to look good. While plastisol is the most popular, water based inks have a special place in the screen printing world.

A Screen Is Made By Stretching A Piece Of Mesh Over A Frame.

Remove the vinyl and painter’s tape. Screen print as you normally would. A thin version of plastisol used to create a soft vintage look.

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