Mixing Metals In Living Room

Mixing Metals In Living Room. Choose two or three metals you’d like to work with. Mixing brass and black is one of our favorite combinations!

5 TIPS FOR MIXING METALS IN YOUR HOME Interior design from www.pinterest.co.uk

Silver, platinum, copper and gold | chalkboard fireplace mantel with natural fall elements. Like with kitchens, doing this look well is all about building relationships. Choose two or three metals you’d like to work with.

Are You Able To Share A Photo Of The Existing Oil Rubbed Bronze Lamps You Have And A Picture Of Your Living Room?

Two is best if you’re not used to mixing. Instead, you want contrast in your two metals! Polished bickel is a great mix with brass because while it’s a cool toned metal, it has a warm undertone that blends well with the warmth of brass.

Like With Kitchens, Doing This Look Well Is All About Building Relationships.

Doing so helps to give some structure to the space. Don't mix two metals in the same color family. Mixed metals offer a great look.

Depending On The Viewer's Angle, These Gorgeous Light Fixtures May Look Gold, Silver Or A Mix Of The Two, Proving That Mixing Metals Is A Look That Goes With Anything.

All of the metals should have the same finish (either polished, satin or hammered). Look through mixed metals pictures in different colors. Design your room around one specific metal and then sprinkle in the variety.

Mixed Metal Flatware // E.

Light fixtures, furniture legs, accent tables, artwork, and decorative accents. What is the mixed metals trend? And don’t forget to use our houzz code for 5% off!

The Mixed Metals Trend Involves Using A Combination Of Different Metal Accents (I.e.

Cool metallic tones (such as silver, nickel and steel) bring a slick, modern aesthetic whilst warmer tones (gold, rose gold, bronze and brass among others) are inviting, flattering and subtly glamorous. This contemporary living room looks flawless with its mix of black hardware on the furniture and brass accents in the tables. The combination of dark iron or oil rubbed bronze with rustic wood is a centuries old pairing.

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