Walls With No Baseboard

Walls With No Baseboard. I don’t think it’s a great idea for four reasons: There will be screw holes and likely scuff marks.

no baseboards in midcentury modern bathroom midcentury
no baseboards in midcentury modern bathroom midcentury from www.midcenturymodernremodel.com

Typically, you will not have more than one (maybe two) shiplap walls in a home, so this will not be a solution for every wall. #4 · feb 12, 2014. Hold the base molding against the wall after you cut it to length, and look for gaps.

#4 · Feb 12, 2014.

You can, however, use a miter cut to join an inside corner. Sand down any excess caulk or drywall sticking out of the screw holes. Not having baseboards can look very sharp indeed, but it is definitely extra work to make it look right.

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This is recommended if you are going for a very contemporary look with clean uninterrupted lines. I don’t think it’s a great idea for four reasons: The steps are (with the wall sweep tool active):

Make Sure The Wall Is Clean And Use Putty To Fill In Any Holes And Scrapes.

You need to kinda push the edge of the tape down between the carpet and the wall, and then press it down onto the carpet. However, a building is bound to incur damages as it gets older. Keeping your baseboards simple helps the room feel pulled together and clean.

Gap At The Floor Created By Using Precut Studs And Pushing The Drywall Tight To The Ceiling Helps To Prevent Moisture From Wicking Up If The Floor Should Get Wet.

Flush baseboard, so to speak. Can give a floating wall look to your home. Opting to not have any baseboards will keep your design simple and modern.

You Could Opt To Not Have Any Baseboards At All.

It saves money on carpentry and preserves the planar wall esthetic without the need for wall trim. No baseboard, only reveal between bottom of wall and floor. I've seen this used in art galleries and it looks great.

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