Rustic Penthouse Apartment Design Ideas For You 16
Rustic Penthouse Apartment Design Ideas For You 16

99 Rustic Penthouse Apartment Design Ideas For You

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Most penthouse apartments are found in larger major cities like New York at the top of high-rise apartment buildings. Depending on the size of the apartment building there could be one or two penthouse apartments. Wall street apartments may be considered a penthouse. These apartments are usually considered luxury real estate because they can be so expensive and can take up the entire floor of the building. In architectural terms, it is a structure that consumes less than have the roof space. In times past penthouse were used to house the mechanics of the building like the controls for their heating and cooling systems, and their elevator system. It was in no ways luxurious as a penthouse is now but was little more than a lean-to or shack. It was not desirable real estate like it is now.

During the 1920’s in New York when people had money to burn and they wanted to take advantage of all the money they had the idea of building a luxury apartment on the top floor of a building began to take shape. It made the news when the first penthouse apartment was available to rent. It soon became a necessary feature in high-rise buildings with several floors being made into penthouse apartments.

These apartments are strongly associated with luxury not only because of its lavish size but many times they are often on multiple levels and have a large outdoor area like a patio or terrace. They have the finest fittings and meticulous interior design from costly, unique flooring to high-end appliances. The prices for these apartments are very high, whether you are renting or buying the penthouse. Depending on the city penthouse apartments can on average cost three thousand dollars a month and up. It depends on the amenities, how many bedrooms, the furnishings, and more. To purchase a such an apartment will usually cost over a million dollars. For example, in New York buying a one-bedroom penthouse cost approximately one point four million dollars. These are the reasons that penthouse apartments are for the wealthier people.

Gaining access to your penthouse is generally provided by a separate elevator. They can also access several building services like delivery and pickup from everything from dinner to dry cleaning. Because penthouse apartments are so high to rent or purchase most of the rental agencies and real estate agents will not show penthouse apartments to a client until the client can prove that they can pay the price. The reason is so it will cut down on the number of people that just want to walk through a penthouse apartment to see what they look like and to avoid wasting the rental agent or real estate agent’s time.


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