99 Comfy Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Son To Try

I had been threatening to re-design and re-decorate my 8 year old son’s bedroom for the last year or so, but had been stuck on ideas of what to do with it. The problem I had is that the room is quite small and there was very little storage area available after you had fitted a bed in so I really need something that would provide me with a raised bed area that I could get some sort of storage areas underneath.

I thought about designing and creating my own bed and buying a new mattress for it which would give me the freedom to design and create anything I wanted, I could even get my son’s input to help create it. However I turned against this idea as I’m not the best DIY guy in the world and to create something of this magnitude would need to be properly engineered so it would be safe and obviously I had to think of the welfare of my son.

In the end I was told about cabin beds as I had completely overlooked them initially as I naively had the idea that the cabin bed was like a sailor bed or something. After being told I immediately looked online and found that there was a whole world relating to cabin beds, I couldn’t believe it, I was absolutely amazed at the many different styles of cabin beds on the market.

I started to look and soon got my son involved who after seeing all the different types of children’s cabin beds available, became very exited at the prospect of somewhere new to sleep. There were cabin beds with slides, cabin beds shaped as cars and even pirate ship cabin beds. All the cabin beds offered something in relation to a storage area from a simple design with drawers underneath to more complicated designs with TV and computer storage areas underneath.


James Karrie

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