99 Relaxing Wooden Rack Ideas To Be Applied Into Any Home Styles

You are able to purchase a wine glass shelf in about any configuration and measurements it is possible to imagine. Some shelves are created to hold an individual glass, some can may hold entire sets of glasses very easily.

If you purchase your own hardwood hanging wine glass rack, these are routed on the top edge so they are the contour of the glass’ foot. If you place two of them separated by a distance that allows both sides to hold the glass… then that’s how you mount them. In that case, you can determine how wide each set will be placed from each other.

On the other hand, sometimes you can get them made out of wire. The wire ones tend to have a fixed distance between any two sets of racks. Some can hold 6 glasses, whereas others can hold more than 18. Count your glasses before you purchase a rack, and then add at least four more locations just in case you wish to expand your glass collection at a later date.

If you purchase a Hanging Wine Glass Rack, it might be one of the more elaborate ones such as the kind that hold a large number of glasses. They’re generally more expensive, being more than $150 in many cases. Because it isn’t just made out of thin wire, or cheap woods, it is also more durable and able to hold a greater weight. Whichever kind of rack you choose, you’ll find that it’s more easy to find your glassware and there will be far less chance that it will get broken.


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