99 Extraordinary Diy Halloween Decorating Ideas For Apartment

It’s that time of year again, where ghosts, goblins and the walking dead once more invade your apartment complex demanding treats or delivering tricks – Halloween! For all of the fun the season brings, it’s important to remember some basic Halloween safety tips as well.

Apartment communities can be fantastic places to trick-or-treat, but residents with children should be careful to only visit the apartments of people they know. At the very least, parents should always inspect their little devil’s loot at the end of the night, being careful to dispose of any suspect treats that may be torn or unwrapped (unfortunately this should apply to a lot of wrapper-less and often more healthy treats such as candy apples or raisins). Baked goods such as cookies and brownies should also not be accepted from strangers.

Be sure to design your costume for ease of moving around your apartment community. Don’t your lengthy ghost shroud tangle your feet at the top of the apartment stairs, and give yourself plenty of mask visibility (especially important when crossing the apartment community parking lot).

Jack-o-lanterns are one of the highpoints of the season for sure, but lit candles (especially left on unattended apartment doorsteps) can present a serious fire hazard. Try substituting glow sticks instead, which will not only avoid fire danger but will also give your pumpkin pal an especially eerie green glow.


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