99 Comfy Home Interiors Design Ideas For Living Room

A living room is a blank canvas in many respects. And like any blank canvas, the brush strokes of creativity can create any design imaginable. From modern to rustic, furniture designs for living room settings can make magic.

For many people the different furniture designs for living room living can be pretty confusing. While there are definitive styles of furniture designs for living room furnishings that are very easy to understand, many others cross between the styles, muddying the waters, so to speak.

Furniture designs for living room d├ęcor fall into several main categories. They are:

Contemporary or Modern: These follow the minimalist mantra of “form follows function,” and the furniture designs for living room settings have distinctive straight lines, dramatic curves and polished surfaces. They lack the ornate features of other furnishings and make use of more industrial materials, such as fiberglass, plastics and aluminum.

Urban: A variation of contemporary, it is very minimalist. The emphasis is on brushed aluminum, a dark finish and glass. The furniture is scaled to be small, fitting well into an apartment.


James Karrie

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