99 Unusual Vegetable Garden Ideas For Home Backyard

If you are looking for information on vegetable gardening for beginners then at least you are doing something right. You at least recognise that as a beginner gardener you are going to need some information before you chuck a few seeds out into your backyard and expect to wake up and find a healthy delicious beanstalk the next morning. So well done you have made a great start.

You see I was one of those people who woke up one morning decided we needed to start growing our own vegetables to

a) keep our spiralling household food bill down and to

b) start eating food that we had grown ourselves and that we absolutely knew was not laced with chemicals

As our ancestors have grown their own food for thousands of years without the aid of the Internet or you tube or social network sites, I knew without doubt that it would be very easy. So off to the garden centre to buy the seeds for the vegetables I wanted to plant was I. I spent money on seeds, tools, soil and I also invested in some cool looking gardening clothing, because after all it’s important to look like an expert outdoors person when ploughing up your small back yard. Wrong again.


James Karrie

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