99 Stylish Hacks Home Décor Ideas You Need To Try

When renovating a house or apartment, it many not be a bad idea to keep the old flooring – it’d be a waste of money and time to hack and replace it. This is especially true if we’re decorating on a budget. But what if the flooring and wall color is less than ideal? Here’re some tips and advice on decorating with color from existing wall and flooring:

Colors and color schemes are personal concepts, but we are also subject to décor trends that change with the times. Thus if you have old flooring that’s in excellent condition but in a color you dislike, you may want to consider working on a retro or vintage décor style which happens to be very popular right now. Incidentally, I’ve also submitted an article here on decorating tips for this décor style. Thus for an old flooring color scheme, it could actually be very cool to fashionistas! However, if you don’t go for retro looks, work with a good interior designer to visually ‘amend’ the shade of color into something more acceptable. Color can take on different intensities when put next to other colors. For instance, pairing green with ash or bleached wood furniture will make the green seem cooler and lighter while a dark rosewood bench will make the green appear more vivid.

If the old flooring is in the living room, you can consider using large rugs to cover the floor and draw the eye towards the main seating area. You can place long carpet runner in the corridor. In the bedroom, the beds take up most of the space so the floor color does not matter so much.
Walls are easier to manage since there’s nothing a fresh coat of paint won’t cover but what if the walls are tiled in the same color as the existing flooring? This’ll depend on the type of tiles. For homogeneous tiles, you may consider painting over them but this’ll require using hobby craft paints which can be costly for large surfaces. The results may also be unsatisfactory for those who are new to such DIY projects.

The more effective way is to cover the feature wall with gypsum board but you’ll lose a few inches in terms of depth. However, you can now have the wall board painted to match the cover walls.
But if you decide to keep the tiled wall, make it more prominent in your décor scheme by playing up the texture on the wall with furniture and home accessories. For example, a wall tiled in rust homogeneous tiles can look more interesting with teak furniture, rattan and ethnic accents to bring out the rugged texture. This can be contrasted with pale but cheerful fabric color like banana yellow and cream latte to counter the dark tiled wall.


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