99 Affordable Retro Décor Ideas That Trending Now

A popular style for lounges is the retro look. Inspired by classic 1950’s diners the retro lounge theme features backless, chrome, bucket seat and swivel bar stools that add class and comfort to any lounge décor. Most retro inspired lounges feature vintage furniture, artwork, bars and lighting to achieve a distinct and unique feel. Bar stools add to this theme with a classic commercial seating option that can serve a number of lounge events and occasions.

Retro can apply to a number of classic themes including classic 1950’s diner and soda fountain styles, exotic tiki bars and even kitschy 1970’s designs. No matter what era you want to recreate high quality wood and metal bar stools will compliment your lounge theme. Most retro bar stools feature vinyl upholstering and your choice of backless designs or bucket seat models. Swivel is a popular feature for many retro bar stools and you can find several styles of bar stools that feature swivel seating.

Classic retro style is best achieved with polished chrome frames and your choice of colored upholstery. Black is always in vogue but you can also find high quality vinyl upholstering in green, navy blue, red and many other popular retro colors. Whether backless or featuring a comfortable bucket seat these retro style bar stools combine form and function to produce a chic seating option. Both vinyl and chrome feature a sleek look that fits in with 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s retro décor. From classic diner style lounges to swank martini bars the look of chrome and vinyl upholstering is both fitting and relaxing.

Just because your lounge features a retro look doesn’t mean it will be limited in its offerings. Retro is a theme but it shouldn’t interfere with your plans to use a lounge for a number of events and occasions. Today the restaurant, bar or hotel lounge serves a number of purposes from casual cocktail gatherings to product launches and intimate concerts. Being able to accommodate different crowds on separate occasions will make your lounge the place to be for many events.


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