99 Trendy Kitchen Shelf Design Ideas For Small Room

Kitchen renovations in small spaces could be a real challenge to a designer, sometimes even more compared to large spaces. This is in particular takes even a more complex turn when you’ve got to add style and storage into the already tight quarters presented by the typical kitchen. The challenge is to balance function with elegance.

If you’re designing a small commercial kitchen, you’ll be required to comply with a variety of government regulations. For example, in some parts of Australia, if your commercial kitchen is being run from a residential address you might need obtain a Home Occupation Licence from your local Council. A visit to the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) website would be of assistance in terms of finding out the government approvals, licences, permits, guidelines and standards you require to meet.

Declutter Kitchen Using A Suitable Appliance Garage

The less clutter you’ve got on the countertops, the more roomy your kitchen space would seem. Create and improvise storage space between the lower and upper cabinets by adding some doors. Utilize the cubby for holding your small kitchen appliances.

Countertop Creativity

Carefully designed details will always give your small kitchen a style that stands out. For example, granite-look laminate countertops will pair extremely well with cabinetry in classic white giving the illusion of space.


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