99 Fabulous Wallpaper Pattern Ideas With Focal Point To Your Space

Wallpaper is a great idea in home decor. For many years, it has offered distinctive flare to home decorating. There is so much freedom and versatility in selecting from the solid, pattern, textured, soft, or decorative paper and expressing your unique style. It can be used on an accent wall, as a single focal point, or, of course, to cover an entire room. However, there are no rules about covering every inch of wall in the same pattern or color. The process of placement and removal is more involved than painting, but in the end, wallpaper and paint serve the same purpose. There are certain things you can do with prints and paper that paint only tries to imitate.

With wallpaper, you can redesign your space with patterns, and prints bring forth a new atmosphere of liveliness in your home. The available selections can be used to express your unique style and bring new energy to your decorating vision. The colorful patterns add warmth, elegance, and dimension of symmetry throughout your chosen room. The size and shape of the chosen design adds to the character of the overall decorative elements in your home. Patterns can be used on all walls to bring warmth to large stark spaces or on two connecting walls to create a point of interest. The design of the print is enough to keep you talking and wondering what you can do next. Anytime you use wallpaper, search around for the right look for your home and personal style; the beautiful paper will be with you for quite some time.

Wallpaper isn’t just prints of tea pots and bowls of fruit. It can be bold and soft colors that stir mood and express artistic vision from the foyer to the family room. On a single wall, a focal point is fashioned. In horizontal or vertical stripes a printed paper can define a room. Borders used to pick up flecks of color in your furniture upholstery bring cohesion to any space. There need not be any limitations when it comes to selecting wall decorative elements. Design begins with bare walls and your creative mind longing to express the depth, whimsy, refinement, and luxury of thoughtfully selected designs plastered to your walls that represent your lifestyle or your family in a special way.

Your local home decor expert can guide you through selecting the right paper for the room you wish to redesign. Depending upon the humidity of certain spaces, different materials may be suggested and some textures foregone. However, there is a way to find what you need in order to make your vision a reality. For example, vinyl coated paper is ideal for rooms that experience a lot of moisture or spilling, so this paper may be cleaned with a damp cloth and detergent at any time. On the other hand, fabric paper is very sensitive to moisture of any kind. This type of paper is best for living rooms or bedrooms. In the end, no matter how you visualized your home transforming, advice and materials are ready and waiting for your pick up so you can get started.


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