99 Popular Eclectic Interior Design Ideas To Inspire You

Choosing homewares for your eclectic interior design can be tricky. If done in a very subtle way, the whole effect may be dull and boring. If it becomes too much of a hodge-podge, your whole house would look too busy and uncomfortable. Eclectic design means a combination of works of art made by different persons or from various genres, periods, cultures and other style factors. The secret in making your home’s interior excellently eclectic is to find some common things or a single inspiration that would tie all your selected styles into one.

The inspiration or the bonding factor may be a color, a fabric, furniture, accessories or finishes. You may want to go out and gather magazines and look at pictures so you can have more ideas about what you want for your house. You might want to cut out magazine photos, too, to see if the items you’ve been planning to put together would match.

The idea of putting color as your core is a good place to start creating an eclectic design. Limit yourself to 3-4 colors and use these colors to paint your room. Of course, you should pick colors that match.

You can now choose your furniture. Search for furniture in the matching colors you’ve chosen, but in different materials, themes, styles or patterns. You may choose a couple of pieces with striped upholstery and one with floral designs, but they should be rendered in the similar or blending hues. For instance, if you’ve chosen 3 different shades of brown for your paint, you can have a comfy couch with bold floral print in taupe, sage and baby pink paired with a minimalist chair in chocolate brown.


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