99 Pretty Hidden Storage Ideas For Kitchen Decor

There are a huge number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing a new kitchen. However more often than not, the ergonomics behind kitchen design are overlooked, with many consumers being more concerned with the overall look and style of their kitchen. Consequently, they could be left with a beautiful, yet highly impractical room.

However, an experienced designer should be able to maintain a balance between form and function. This means spending time choosing door fronts and handles as well as considering the activities that are frequently performed within the kitchen, such as making a cup of tea or emptying the dishwasher. A kitchen designer may also consider how important less frequent event are too, such as Christmas dinner or parties.

Here we review some of the practical storage options available when designing a new kitchen:

Drawers no longer need to be in standard base units but can be easily combined above or below a cupboard unit. Popular internal choices include adjustable plate inserts placed near a dishwasher or serving area to make the kitchen more serviceable.

Hidden internal drawers work well in kitchens of any size, as they provide easily-accessible storage without disturbing the overall kitchen layout. In addition, specialised cutlery, utensil and spice inserts are beneficial in larger kitchens as they help store items in an organised and accessible manner.


James Karrie

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