99 Elegant Diy Drying Rack Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now

You may not be the best carpenter in town, but following the tips below, your coat rack will be the most unique, priceless and incomparable. Here, I recommend a 16-inch horizontal coat rack with 5 drying racks.

(i) You should sketch on a paper the design of your drying rack with its specific measurements. You should also identify and prepare the materials and equipments needed. The materials needed are 1-by-16 inch piece of wood, 5 coat hooks, 1 sand paper, 7 screws, 2 studs and varnish. The equipments are pencil, varnish brush, drill and screwdriver.

(ii) Divide the length of the wood evenly by the 5 hooks with 0.5 inch on the left and right corner. Each hook is suggested to have 3 inch apart. On each 0.5 inch corner, you should also mark a spot (on same horizontal line to each other) for holes for screws later. Then, mark each spot using pencil.

(iii) Drill mounting holes on the 7 pencil spots.

(iv) Lacquered the wood and the hooks (if made of wood) with varnish and let it to dry. If you prefer a shinier and glossier look, you may give it an additional coat of varnish.


James Karrie

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