99 Enchanting Bedroom Storage Ideas

When you start a family and get a new, larger house, you’d think of keeping it as new and spacious as it was when you started living there. However, within months you’ll be surprised to see every corner of the house stacked with various items that you would’ve forgotten about completely by now. And this is not just the case of your living room and kitchen but your bedroom as well. Ironically, it is the bedroom that has to be kept free of junk as you spend most time here, including the time you take to sleep. Bedroom storage is therefore a factor that needs to be given its due attention.

There was a time when people used to live in larger houses where there were extra rooms to store items that were no longer in use. Today, however, we live in smaller apartments where there is just enough space to keep the most important items you need. So how do you address the issue of storage is such places, especially in the bedroom?

Bedroom storage is indeed a challenge in these modern houses and apartments. However, most engineers and interior decorators understand this truth now and try to find solutions that let you store your items and at the same time keep the room clean and spacious. Here are a few solutions that you’ll find in the contemporary homes for storing items in bedrooms without making it look congested:

• Think twice before getting shelves and drawers for the room. If you can build the shelves into the walls instead of getting free-standing shelves and tables, that would be the best idea to save space. Similarly, if you can have gaps with stands on the walls you could store items like books, photo frames etc. there, instead of having another drawer for these items.


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