99 Fancy Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

There are plenty of students and recent graduates who live in either rental property or smaller, “starter” homes. Many of these smaller homes and apartments do not come with a lot of space in which to store items. Many apartments or smaller homes lack adequate counter space in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Complaints that a decent amount of tenants have are small bathroom storage as well as a medicine cabinet without mirror. The number one most complained about issue with starter homes and apartments is the kitchen counter space. There are plenty of ways to fix these issues, though it can be a little tricky if you do not personally own the property.

1. You might choose to actually build extra shelves or storing space in the restroom or kitchen. This can be an issue for landlords if you do not own the property. There are many landlords who would prefer you did not put up shelving or any type of fixture which is attached to the wall. Often, a renter needs permission to change the paint color in a room. Some landlords would allow such building, while others would not want any kind of damage done to their property. If you do own, this is a great option because you can make the shelving as inexpensive or expensive as you want. Many times, with pre-built and pre-made products you just have to pay the sticker price, whereas if you build it yourself you can buy whatever materials you want. There are many home improvement stores or discount stores that have a large selection of storage products designed for use in the kitchen, bathroom, a child’s playroom or bedroom, garage or basement.

2. If you live in a rental property and your landlord does not want you to build anything into the apartment or if you don’t feel like you are able to build anything a second option would be to just purchase extra storage. The disadvantage to this, as listed above, is you do not have as much control over the expense. With some items that are cheaper, they may not hold up as well as a more expensive product. An advantage of this method is that it saves time and extra labor.

3. The last option is to go to a store that specializes in organization and pick out different pieces that you want and then put them together on your own. This is a compromise between the previous two choices. This method is a little more cost- effective because you do have the choice to make things as expensive or inexpensive as you want, yet you do not have to build the entire thing from scratch, the components are already built and you just have to put them together.


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