99 Awesome Texture And Pattern Ideas For Interior Design

Many people don’t truly realize the impact that texture and pattern have on making the rooms of their home warm, inviting and appealing. Every home should be a relaxing haven, a place where you come to at the end of the day to release all your stresses and cares. From your kitchen and living room to the bedroom, your rooms should reflect not only style, but your personal tastes. This article offers tips on adding texture and pattern to every room of your home, making for inviting, beautiful spaces.

Color isn’t the only thing that matters

Of course you want your home to be decorated with beautiful splashes of color, but texture and patterns make a room come to life. Any room that contains only bland colors and a single texture such as smooth, shiny or rough is boring! Today, mixing stripes with florals or checks and combining rough, shiny or smooth textures provide life and personality to an otherwise dull room.

Play up the kitchen

In the kitchen and bath, it’s easy to incorporate texture. If either of these rooms have a sterile look with white tiled floors, white walls, white appliances, etc., pump up the warmth by using wood floors, cherry cabinets and nubby accent rugs. Consider boldly patterned cushions for dining room chairs, or a wall shelf displaying rustic pottery. In the bath, choose plush towels for display, boldly patterned rugs, and a sconce for the wall to soften the room with romantic lighting.

Liven up the walls

The walls in any room are an essential part of the overall decor. Today, many people paint the walls using faux finishes that can be accomplished with ragging, rag rolling, rubber stamping and other methods. This creates texture for the walls and helps alleviate the blank look. Consider richly textured tapestries, or glue fabrics such as imitation suede or burlap to a single wall. Ceilings are also important; they can be painted with texture paint, and even wallpapered! Exposed wooden beams also add richness to the room, especially for those decorating in a country-themed style.


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