99 Amazing Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas For Dark Cabinets

These dazzling and delightful shades have managed to extend their footprints to different parts of our homes, including the kitchen. Little wonder then that kitchen color schemes have managed to acquire frontline status in our collective decorating consciousness.

Color Schemes- Your Greatest Quandary?

Even though these hues fire our imagination, there’s no denying the fact that choosing shades that exude warmth and effervescence can be quite an uphill climb. Here are a few tips that are sure to rescue your feckless attempts from limbo:

  • A few coats of cool, crisp and light colors will the much-desired shot in the arm for small spaces. Dark colors, on the other hand, are a strict no-no, as they make the space appear smaller.
  • The impact of natural light on colors must be considered earnestly. Try to bring artificial light sources and colors together, and it’s a dead cocktail you are sipping.
  • A kitchen that faces north is sure to sizzle with cool tones, while a south facing space soaked in warm tones leave you gasping for breath.
  • The kitchen wall and cabinets do not have to the Cane and Able of the kitchen’s d├ęcor. A uniform color palette that creates harmony between these two elements is sure to cause a sensation.
  • If you are keen to experiment just a wee bit, try painting the walls in a shade that’s bolder than the one on the cabinets. Something like off-white and pale-yellow will leave onlookers completely transfixed.
  • Striking contrasts with the help of bold colors create drama and intrigue with a seductively intense passion.
  • Allow the bold colors to transmit some of the magic to the chairs and tables, and watch the stoic calm in the kitchen become past tense instantly.
  • The electrifying combination of richly colored hand-painted tiles and plain tiles is a marriage made in design heaven.
  • Bright colors like yellow and orange put the zing back into your lackluster culinary experience.

So if you feel your kitchen is floundering for breath, it’s time for you to play with colors that have a persistent place in your imagination.


James Karrie

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