99 Magnificient Hallway Designs Ideas

With the vast range of lighting fixtures and lamps available from the Dar lighting range, it is difficult to choose which would be ideal for certain rooms inside the home. The concept behind choosing the best lighting for receptions and hallways lies in making these areas both welcoming, and decently lit, regardless of their relevant styles. This article aims to briefly cover some of the products, matching them where their styles are complementary. While only covering some, there is a range of styles commonly found in homes, and the aim to find suitable lighting for them.


This aims to cover a range of example lighting products that will be conducive to a vintage atmosphere of an old home. Starting with ceiling pendants, the Kristen hanging lamps makes for a basic introduction, with its fringed lampshade; it covers a range of eras by itself. More elaborate, the Moorgate Hexagonal pendants are examples of a throwback to hanging candlelit lamps. The Victoria pendant is also very appropriate here, especially in a reception.

For wall fixtures, the Oboe style is downplayed and subtle, making for a decent fixture for hallways, and around receptions. A Onedin style is better suited to where one would place a bureau.

Art Deco and Modernism

Here, this aims for the less vintage look, and move toward styles encompassing the majority of 20th century design and architecture, and many homes will have one of these styles. Receptions and hallways will have a range of different styles and colours, giving a wealth of choice in choosing lighting fixtures.


James Karrie

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