99 Gorgeous Diy Furniture Ideas

The Shaker ladder back chair is probably the most widely recognized pieces of furniture around and has been copied by other craftsmen since the originals were first marketed by the Shakers in the late 18th century.

There are collections of Shaker furniture in many museums in the USA and England, where they appeal to the modern eye and traditionalists alike. They weren’t all hand made either – the shakers were adept at using the best technology of the day and in fact invented the circular saw blade, a tool that we take for granted today.

Its not that hard to own your own piece of shaker style furniture, however few of us could afford the originals today even if they were for sale. But you will be amazed how simple it is to build your own Shaker furniture by using a well thought out set of woodworking plans.

You probably have many of the tools and materials needed already, also the rest of what you need can be got easily at your local lumber yard or home improvement store.


James Karrie

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