99 Elegant Diy Shelves Ideas For Bathroom

When planning a bathroom from scratch the location of each fitting needs careful thought, ie. baths need adequate room to get in and out of comfortably as well as room around to towel dry. In addition, ideally, toilets should be sited close to the existing stack pipe if you want to avoid the costly expense of re-routing pipes. Stack pipes are also best sited at the back of the house as they are quite unsightly and they are often not allowed at the front under local planning regulations.

*Wet rooms

Another possibility for a small en-suite is to create a wet room. The room will need to be completely watertight with a draining point for the shower. Before installing check with a surveyor to establish whether the existing floor structure will need to be strengthened. A concrete sub floor provides a stable base for wet room construction. You can also now get a form of waterproof lining for the walls and floor, which is fitted before tiling to achieve a completely watertight surround. Shower fixtures can be positioned in a corner, in the middle of a wall, freestanding or centrally and overhead.


Good lighting is essential for grooming tasks in the bathroom. Halogen downlighters recessed into the ceiling work well. You may well also need additional task lighting around the mirror for shaving and make up provided by wall lighting with halogen bulbs, which provide the most natural lighting alternative to daylight. Whatever lighting you choose, remember that for safety reasons in the UK, light switches should be outside the bathroom and all light bulbs should be completely enclosed in shades which fit flush against either the walls or ceilings. Pendant light fittings are not suitable.


Storage is also very important for bathroom. When you are concealing the cistern and pipework this presents an ideal opportunity to create storage. The basin can be set into a work surface with cupboards underneath. The lavatory cistern, again can be hidden with shelves above it. You must remember to ensure there is still good access to the pipework for maintenance purposes.


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