99 Best Rock Painting Design Ideas

I recently moved into a new flat. When I moved in the flat was bare, and any furnishings that were included were either dull, or, well,… dull! Despite this I saw great potential in the flat, and knew that I could breathe life into it if I just got a bit creative. By adding a few Canvas Prints, Lighting effects and some personal touches, it became the coolest flat I’ve ever had.

Below are some easy, cheap Interior Design Ideas that helped transform my bland-flat, into a stylish bachelor pad!

1. Choose a Colour Scheme

The first thing that needed to be sorted in my new flat was the colour scheme, or should I say, I needed to first introduce a colour scheme. I like my rock and metal music. I therefore like dark colours such as black, dark reds and blues. It is important when choosing a colour scheme that you choose colours one reflects your personality. In the end I went with black and dark purple.

2. Paint

Now that I had chosen my colour scheme it was time to get messy with paint. A good technique when painting the walls of a room, is to paint opposite walls the same colour, and the remaining two walls a different colour. In my case I painted two of my opposite facing walls dark purple, and the remaining two I left white. These white walls would be added to later with art and other such decoration, to give them more appeal.


James Karrie

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