99 Modern Room Designs Ideas For Guys

What could be more fun than having friends over for game night at your house? Designing your very own game room is easy once you know where to start. Here’s some tips to get you going.

1. Game Tables

What’s a game room without game tables? Pool and poker are America’s two favorite table games and are great for playing with friends. When buying a pool table, be sure to take into consideration the size of the room, as you don’t want to buy a pool table that’s too big! Most pool tables and poker tables come in several different types of wood, like cherry, honey, and oak, so you can pick the perfect finish for your game room. Be sure to pick high quality game tables crafted out of solid wood. Save money by purchasing your poker table and chairs together. Cheap tables may have a super low price tag, but they won’t last long! Consider a game table an investment.

2. Accessories

The right accessories will make your game table a success. Check out pool table accessory kits that include the cue sticks, balls, bridge cue, pool table cover, chalk, brush, and tons of other accessories. You’ll also need either a cue rack or wall rack. If the traditional green felt of pool tables doesn’t appeal to you, there’s tons of felt colors to choose from. Game rooms aren’t just for guys – there’s even pink pool tables for girly girls!

3. Lights

The right lighting will only enhance your game room. For the sports lover, there’s NFL and MLB billiard lamps. There’s also traditional billiard lamps that come in colors like black, silver, gold, and green. They can make your game room look sporty or elegant, and add pool room authenticity to any game room.


James Karrie

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