99 Stunning Stand Bird House Ideas For Garden

The garden bird houses are great for attracting birds to a person’s backyard or just for decoration. As decorations these houses can be a variety of colors and designs. A person should buy whichever one compliments his or her garden the best. If this is for shelter for birds then make sure it is designed for the size of bird you are attempting to attract. Where does one locate the bird houses though? We will discuss this and other information in this article.


Choose a spot that is not heavily traveled to install one of the models of the garden bird houses when wanting to attract some flying friends. However, these should be placed where the person can view them from their house, or sit in their garden and watch the birds come.

Birds do not like sudden movements though. So everyone needs to be still or move slowly when near the bird houses. This way the feathered creatures will not get scared away, and the people will be able to watch them longer. Remember this when installing the houses.


The houses for the birds can be made from wood that is painted in various colors. These are good for decorations or for shelter for the birds. Cedar houses though are ideal if you just want a plain one for the birdies to live in. This type of wood ages well and stands up under various weather conditions.


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