99 Awesome Full Time Rv Living Ideas With Camper Organization Tips Tricks

Full time RV living is such a wonderful thing, but expenses can get out of control if you don’t have a plan to keep things manageable. One of the things most RVers talk about when costs rise is of course fuel. When fuel costs run in the four to five dollar a gallon range, and given that most bigger RV’s get in the range of six to eleven miles per gallon, this can be a big expense when you are always on the move.

So, how can you make full time RV living as affordable as possible by keeping expenses under control? Here may be some ways you can cut the costs without cutting the lifestyle. Most of these ideas involve just changing old habits for more cost effective ones.

Let’s address the biggest first: fuel costs. Do you know that for each mile per hour faster you drive, fuel usage goes up exponentially. Being that Hilga and I have been enjoying the full time RV living lifestyle for four years now, we can’t understand why others feel it’s so important to cruise along at seventy five miles per hour. We are never in a hurry when we travel. Are they? What’s the rush? There is so much to see along the way, and at sixty two miles an hour my RV hums along in overdrive at sixteen hundred rpm’s. I get in the low teens when I am on the road. And that’s because I know my rig and what speed it runs at most efficiently. Think about it and give it a try.

Also, along the same lines, avoid quick starts and stops. Most people following an RV know we are not in a sports car going zero to sixty in five seconds. Given you are part of the full time RV living lifestyle, and hauling your home around the country, it takes it a bit to get it up to speed. And that’s okay! If people are in a big hurry, they can go around you! After all, it’s all about kinetic energy and torque!


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