99 Enjoying Fresh Water Ideas Feature Frontyard And Backyard Landscaping

The process of using reclaimed water as part of your irrigation system for your landscaping and water features has increased over the years. Many see it as another way to conserve water and lessen their impact on the supply.

Many golf courses and parks have turned to using reclaimed H2O as part of their maintenance and also use it in any type of water feature they may have. Although reclaimed water has been treated, it is not treated as thoroughly as the ones you drink. Since many golf courses and parks have turned to this type of irrigation system, it reduces the amount of fresh H2O needed. This in turn allows for more fresh water to be available other uses.

The use of reclaimed water is also being used by many cities that have waterfalls or ponds as part of their landscaping designs. By utilizing such type of water, it lessens their impact on the fresh water supply for that city. This has proven to be an acceptable alternative for many cities facing the availability of fresh drinking water or those who are experiencing a drought.

Many cities are seeing the benefits for maintaining lawns and landscapes. The use of reclaimed water in these areas has little if not any effect on the fresh H2O supply. By using reclaimed H2O the fresh water supply can be conserved for drinking water only. Although the practice of using reclaimed H2O is becoming more popular, not all cities are offering the option of reclaimed water yet. That may all change as soon as cities become more familiar with advantages of using reclaimed water and offering it to their customers as well.


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