99 Stylish Wooden Privacy Fence Patio Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Step 1

Add some privacy. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to put up an attractive wooden privacy fence. Dig the holes and set the posts in one weekend. The next weekend, add the fencing. It’s super easy when using the prefabricated fence sections which can be delivered right to your yard by your home improvement center.

Step 2

Create a great surface. Since the yard is so small, it’s probably going to be difficult to balance both patio area and lawn area. Consider a solution such as ditching the grass and covering the entire area with flat stones. You could plant moss between the stones to soften the look and create more of a garden feel.

Step 3

Choose the right furniture for the space. Obviously, with a smaller space you won’t want to choose that mammoth furniture set that includes twenty plus pieces. Instead, try a cozy bistro style set for the Parisian cafĂ© atmosphere. And do make sure each piece of furnishing is comfortable!

Step 4

Need Shade? On a small patio, a more natural solution such as an arbor with ivy plantings overhead will fit better than any plasticy, commercial patio covers. Umbrellas might be an option, but will add more clutter to the layout.


James Karrie

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