Cozy Coastal Style Nautical Bathroom Designs Ideas20
Cozy Coastal Style Nautical Bathroom Designs Ideas20

99 Cozy Coastal Style Nautical Bathroom Designs Ideas

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Bring a breath of fresh air to town bathrooms with a breezy beach-house theme, or create a soothing mood inspired by the natural colors and textures of the seashore.

The beach-house bathroom is a foil of gentle contrasts. Clean lines and a restricted color palette create a fresh, uncluttered look. The colors of sun, sea, and sand are naturally an influence. The style is low-key, romantically rustic, and simple. And the way you put the colors together should reflect these qualities.

Take the cool blues – deepest marine to palest aqua – for inspiration, and choose from the yellows – vibrant sunshine yellow and sand-gold to cream – to provide a contrast. Using white as a foil, you can blend colors to express quite different moods. Opt for a bright and summery seaside atmosphere with strong color brights – use deckchair stripes on furnishings and tiles. Alternatively, choose the sun-bleached looks of a beach cabin – soft whites, muted blues, light sandy-grays, and pale yellows – and echo the weathered tones of driftwood and pebbles with limed and color-washed wood and stone effects.

Creating the Look

For a fresh, airy, coastal mood, paint walls and ceiling white, or in a pale to mid-tone matte latex. A change of texture – tongue-and-groove paneling or plain tiles – will add interest below wainscoting level. A darker color will “ground” the scheme and suggest sea and sky. Choose strong contrasts such as marine blue and white, or go for a subtle distressed or color-washed finish. Pale colors and close harmonies will create a gentle, ethereal look.


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