99 Lovely Dorm Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

So you have arrived at your dorm room. You are disappointed with the size. Your roommate smells a bit. But there is a hot girl living across the hall. And your dad is starting to move furniture, while your mom says things like “This will be all right as long as you clean regularly!”

Lots of pressure, and lots of thoughts running through your head. So how will you organize your dorm room? I have a few suggestions for you.

First, consider your personality and the style of room you want to create for the year. Room style options include:

a) Party Room – space to dance, stand and mingle; loud speakers;
b) Lounge Room – Lots of seating, a central table, maybe a TV?
c) Study Room – Closed entryway, ample deskspace, space divided between roommates
d) Disaster – No plan, no storage space, junk everywhere


James Karrie

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