99 Cozy Masculine Men Bedroom Design Ideas

All right, gentlemen… You know your bedroom is in need of decorating, and while you understand that comforters featuring wild animals and/or camouflage are not an option, no man should be forced to sleep in a room where “shabby” and “chic” have taken over, right? Take a deep breath, guys. You can have a grown-up bedroom without flowers or frills, and I’ve got you covered. Here are three types of very stylish room designs that definitively keep the masculine in mind.

1. Traditional

For this design, choose heavy furniture that has a sense of age to it, in fine dark woods like walnut and mahogany. While it may have carving and detail, avoid the curvy elements of French, Tuscan, or Queen Anne design, in favor of straighter lines. Select a bed with a high headboard for stature, but a low footboard, since most men don’t care for the feeling of being confined. For the bedding, use what’s typically referred to as “menswear” fabrics: houndstooth, plaid, paisley, wool, and flannel. At the windows, go with a heavy drape, like velvet or chenille. If there is seating in the room, a rich leather with nailhead trim is ideal. The colors should be deep and subdued, like olive, burgundy, brown, dark gold, or navy – think of the colors that evoke that “library” feel. Keep the lighting warm and muted by using metal or deep colored lamp shades, which will cast inviting pools of light. Artwork should be classic, possibly including landscapes, portraits, or still lifes. Finish the space with a plush oriental rug.

2. Rustic

The rustic room will be comprised of woodsy, earthy elements, and can be dressed UP like a luxury ski lodge, or dressed DOWN like a cabin in the woods. (Relax ladies… moose head not included.) To begin, select furnishings with a lot of natural characteristics, like oak, pine, or hickory. The pieces should be heavy, but simple. A bed with a slatted headboard would be perfect, but a very plain wrought iron could work as well. As with the traditional room, leather is a great choice for seating, but this time choose a soft, distressed hide with plenty of wrinkles and marking. Keep the fabrics in this room mainly solid, with texture for interest, like cotton, denim, flannel, wool, and even knit. Your color scheme will reflect the earthy inspiration, with hues of blue, green, brown, khaki, and beige. For the windows, opt for wood blinds in a shade that coordinates with the furnishings. Select lamps in natural materials like wood or iron, and for artwork, stick with nature scenes (but no howling wolves please). On the floor, a Navajo, braided, or geometric Persian rug will complete the look perfectly.

3. Metro

The metro room design is clean, modern, and sleek. Here, you’ll want low profile furniture with strong horizontal lines, absolutely ZERO ornamentation, and a dark color, like espresso or black. Platform beds are a great choice for this design. The color scheme should be very sharp and graphic: black, gray, and white. For the bedding, keep it simple. All white is easy, and perfect for the style – think five-star hotel. Window treatments should be uncomplicated and minimal, like designer screen shades or grommet-top drapery panels. For seating, leather is still the answer, but this time in a slick black or white, with fine lines, square arms, and straight legs. When it comes to lighting, here’s your opportunity to add some shine. Go with glossy materials like glass or porcelain, or bright metals like nickel or chrome. Take a walk on the wild side with bold abstract art pieces, and anchor the space with a thick shag or flokati rug for the floor.


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