Lovely Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas10
Lovely Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas10

99 Lovely Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

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The overall style of your bathroom
A contemporary bathroom will require a different type of vanity than one with a country flair, so be certain the bathroom vanity design you select is one that suits the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve.

Your budget
Some vanities are available for less than $100, while others can cost well over $1,000, so consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend before you begin your search. At the same time, don’t spend more than necessary if you can find a vanity that suits your needs and comes in under budget – just apply that money toward other bathroom accessories that you still need to purchase.

Your space
The amount of space you have available for your vanity is an important consideration, as there are very basic bathroom vanity design options that will take up only a small amount of space while other vanities are several feet wide.

Your needs
Even if you have available wall space, you may not have a need for a very large and intricate vanity. Similarly, you may have a greater need for a vanity with a couple large cabinets rather than several small drawers, so consider how you will use it when deciding which bathroom vanity design is best for you.


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