Modern Chic Bedroom Decoration Ideas02
Modern Chic Bedroom Decoration Ideas02

99 Modern Chic Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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Gone are the days when every bedroom in the house had to be prim and proper and decorated with the right kind of furniture. Today more and more people are opting for the shabby chic bedrooms which are cool to look at and will add an amount of realness to your bedrooms. But what exactly is this shabby chic bedroom design? Well shabby is displaced or out of sorts and chic on the other hand is something that is quite fashionable.

When you add these two adjectives together you get a strange combination. It is strange but also exciting at the same time. Remember we had a style going on which is still in vogue; something called the carefully careless style? Well a shabby chic style is similar to that. Shabby chic furniture, just to give you an idea of what you should expect when you are dealing with this, is really furniture which has the look of being aged but is actually brand new, it’s just another concept of acid washed jeans.

The entire idea is that when such a style can go for everything, even clothes then why not our bedroom designs and therefore shabby chic bedroom designs.

Now, one thing that you have to consider when you are looking forward to having your bedroom designed according to shabby chicness is that the degree of wear you want. There are people who want just a hint of wear while there are others who would want a full fledged wear sign over their furnishings and furniture.


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