99 Stylish Diy Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

With the proud snowman you’ve learnt to make from part 2 and 3 of my outdoor Xmas decorations tips, your yard must be looking pretty impressive and ready for the approaching Christmas.

Before you get too contented, hold a little as there is one last thing you can do to complete your outdoor Christmas decoration: a Christmas tree! Although you’ve probably planned for your real Christmas tree to stay indoors, you can still use a little imagination to craft a DIY tree for outdoor placement.

Alternatively, you can simply purchase another bigger tree in your yard so your snowman won’t look too lonely. Either way, it’s a great sight to see snowflakes on a Christmas tree outdoors.

There are various methods to craft a simple DIY Christmas tree that you can find on various art manuals or even online sites. But for simplicity’s sake, here is a really easy way to do one. Buy a pack of extra hard construction paper or cardboard. Stack 2 sheets together and using a thick pencil, draw out a simple Christmas tree shape.


James Karrie

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