99 Inspiring White Vintage Christmas Decoration Ideas

You don’t need a big budget or a huge collection of pricey antiques to bring a vintage touch to your holiday decorating. Though some authentic pieces from the era of your choice can definitely set a tone, you can fill your home with period charm, beauty, and fun without breaking the bank. There a world of reproduction ornaments from which to choose, and you can add your own hand-crafted touches at almost no cost at all.

Start by taking the little quiz below to determine what era to go for:

When I think of holiday decorations, I think of

a. traditional grown-up elegance, with lots of baubles, bangles, and beads

b. homey, touchable, kid-friendly style with a natural touch

c. funny, campy, fantasy fun with a modern edge

My ideal Christmas tree would be decorated with

a. porcelain angels, beaded satin ornaments, velvet ribbon, shimmering pearls, and lace

b. handmade wooden ornaments, strings of popcorn, and personal mementos

c. candy, tinsel, bright glass balls, bubble lights, and cute character ornaments

I think the best colors for the season are

a. deep gem tones with loads of gleaming silver and gold

b. traditional red and green, with white accents and lots of natural wood tones

c. as bright as possible


James Karrie

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