99 Genius Apartment Studio Decorating Ideas

It is very exciting moving into your very first studio apartment. Everything is new and you want to put your own personal stamp on the place. In order to do this, decorating ideas for a small studio apartment need to be organised and concise. If you want your place to look good, there are certain things you should do and there are definitely certain things that you should avoid.

  • Declutter
  • Create zones
  • Buy multi functional furniture


The most important thing about a studio apartment is that it is already a very small space. Do not make it look and feel even smaller by filling it with a lot of unnecessary stuff. It is best to declutter and try and get rid of some of your belongings before you move in. It is always difficult to throw away things that have personal meaning to you but you should evaluate all your objects and think long and hard about whether you really need them. Declutter from the beginning to help ensure a streamline appearance in your studio apartment.

Create Zones

If your new home consists of one large room that has to serve as your living area, bedroom and kitchen space, it is a nice idea to create zones. This can be done effectively by using lighting. Place a few spot lights above your kitchen area and place a couple of foot lamps around your seating area. A decorative rug also helps to break up the room.

Buy Multi Functional Furniture

Try and limit the amount of furniture that you put in the room. More furniture just makes a room feel crowded. Always look at objects that can double up and be used for two different things. For example, instead of trying to get a desk and a dinning table into the room, just purchase a small fold down table. You can use it to work on and also open it out for when you have dinner guests. Forget about having a separate bed and sofa. Get a combination futon sofa bed that will do two jobs and save you space.


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