99 Creative Living Room Design And Decor Ideas

Tired of being cramped in a small space? Feeling a little claustrophobic? Great news! You don’t have to hire a costly contractor and knock out those walls. Learn how the decorators create the illusion of big space in small rooms. Basic design tips to begin living large in small spaces.

You can’t do anything about increasing your room’s size unless you do a major renovation. You can, however, give it the illusion of being a bigger room. Follow these simple decorating tips and began living large in that small space.

Start an Empty Room

When you’re trying to redecorate a room, it’s difficult to create a new space when you’re looking at what you’re trying to replace. Empty the room. Clear out the old and you’ll find it easier to come up with new ideas. Begin with a blank palette then let your creativity get to work.

Decide On a Color Scheme

Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to go all white to make a room look bigger; however, you have to pay attention to color scheme and some basic rules of color design. A monochromatic color palette (tone-on-tone) is the best choice for a small space. You can still have your blues, greens, yellow or any color you want as long as you use pastel versions of the color. Bright, deep colors will bring the walls together and overpower a small space, but neutrals and pastels will have the opposite effect and tend to move the walls outward, creating the illusion of more space.


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