99 Cozy Bathroom Design And Decor Ideas

The humble bathroom can be a household’s private retreat space. Not just a place to toilet and groom yourself anymore. This room can be a place for privacy and rejuvenation. If yours looks like the locked room at the local gas station, time to amp up its style and you can do this even on a very modest budget.

If you have your average household bathroom, but want to turn it into a peaceful oasis without draining your bank account, here are a few tips for converting it into a place you’ll long to hang out:

Paint it an appealing and peaceful color. Pale and subtle colors such as a muted sage, vanilla cream, buttery yellow or a pastel sky blue can be the perfect backdrop for a serene environment. Be sure to select paint with an eggshell or semi-gloss sheen that is especially made for a bathroom in order to have the paint be sturdy enough to withstand daily bouts of hot water in this steamy room.

Replace the dented aluminum ho-hum towel racks and toilet paper holder with matching bronze, copper or stainless steel accessories. Having a light fixture that aligns with the upgraded hardware will harmonize the look.


James Karrie

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