99 Elegant Farmhouse Shower Tiles Design Ideas

The bathroom may be the single most important room in your home, and a shower bathroom enclosure can certainly make the bathroom more enjoyable and functional. Other than the aesthetic effects that a beautiful shower enclosure can have on your bathroom, it can also add value to your home as many prospective buyers look closely at the bathrooms of a home before committing to buy. A shower bathroom enclosure is also perfect for even the smallest of bathrooms because it can conserve space – so you might want to consider it for an apartment, small home, or small condo.

How it Works

The shower bathroom enclosure is a cubicle that goes around your shower and tub (if applicable), and is sometimes called a shower surround. The walls of the shower enclosure can be made of plastic, fiberglass, glass and other materials, and may consist of just walls (necessitating the need for a shower curtain) or walls and a sliding or regular shower door.


Other than being the perfect shower setup for the smaller bathroom, the shower bathroom has other benefits. If you have children in the home, the shower enclosure can keep water off your floor during their daily bath. The shower enclosure gives the bathroom a streamlined look that is very fashionable in the modern home. It is estimated that nearly sixty percent of all new home constructions feature this type of enclosure in at least one of the home’s bathrooms.


Before selecting the shower enclosure that you will place in your bathroom, you will need to accurately measure the area where the shower will be installed, or the area that exists around your existing shower. It is important that the measurements that you take are accurate. Also, determine if you would like to have adjustable doors or if you prefer to forego a door at all and simply use a shower curtain. There are different heights available when it comes to selecting a bathroom shower enclosure, so determine the height that is more comfortable for your shower and include that measurement as well. You can find these types of enclosures at nearly every bathroom store, home improvement center, and at many big box retailers. If you are handy, you can install a shower enclosure in just a few hours as a do-it-yourself project; if not, you may need to hire a contractor to do the installation for you.


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