99 Diy Halloween Porch Decor And Design Ideas

The front porch is the focal point for Halloween decorating. Don’t you think? Your porch can have just a touch of Halloween – jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin banner. Or your porch can be full-out haunted. Even I would not want to put foot on some of these creepy porches. Would you?

How do you decorate your porch to wow your trick-or-treaters?

I have some fun and easy porch decorating ideas that both big and small kids will enjoy. Try these…

  • Ghosts never go out of style. Ghosts are not hard to make. Create ghosts that are “standing” on your porch or driveway by criss crossing two broom sticks or dowels. Then hang an old white sheet or white garbage bag from them. Draw ghost faces with black markers. Also create a few smaller ghosts (without the broom sticks) that are simply hung from the ceiling to sway in the breeze. Ewwwww!
  • Use natural elements. Encircle your porch’s columns with broom corn. Tie it snugly with dried willow sticks. Choose kale, gourds, squash and pumpkins that are unusual, bumpy, even ugly! Make spider webs from hemp fibers. Dye bamboo black and use it to create perches for store-bought ravens. Carve pumpkins and light up with tea lights placed inside. More ewwww! Be sure that lit candles are out of the way from excited trick-or-treaters.
  • Light your walkway with skull or pumpkin lights. Draw in the goblins with a safely lit-up pathway. Pile up pumpkins and gourds along the way. How about a few gigantic furry spiders to add some scare factor? Play some creepy music, too. That always kicks in the ominous feelings on Halloween night. Bushels of colorful mums add a splash of vibrance, too.


James Karrie

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