99 Perfect Beanbag Chairs Design Ideas For Seating

A: There are a wide variety of sizes of beanbag chairs available and selecting the right size is important. There are two things to consider when selecting a beanbag; who will be using it and where will it go. Smaller beanbags are good for kids and larger beanbags are better for adults, but the larger beanbags will last longer and kids will grow into them as well. Where the beanbag will be placed in your home is also important. Some beanbags are very large and can accommodate several people and are therefore perfect for a living room replacement for a sofa. Smaller beanbags are better for a kid’s room or in the corner of a room where they are more of an accompaniment to other furniture in the room.

Q: What type of beanbag is right for me?

A: There are two style considerations when looking for a beanbag. First is the shape of the beanbag. There are teardrop shaped bags that offer a more upright seating position and are designed for one person. There are also more lounge style beanbags that are round in shape and have more of a reclined seating position. Secondly, the fill determines how firm or soft the beanbag will be and how much it will mold to your body when you sit in it. Beanbag filled with beads will be firmer and are better in the teardrop shaped bags to offer a more upright seating position whereas the foam filled bags will conform to your body and are more cushioned.

Q: Which fill should I have in my beanbag?

A: There are two main types of fill for beanbags, beanbag beads and foam. Beanbag beads offer a firmer feel and are used in chairs where a more upright seating position is desired. The beads are made of virgin or recycled polystyrene beads and will compress over time requiring occasional topping off with new beads. Foam on the other hand will mould to your body and have a softer feel. Foam should not compress over time and does not need to be re-filled.

Q: What is the difference between a beanbag that has a liner vs. one that doesn’t?

A: A beanbag chair with a liner is essentially a beanbag within a sack. The outer sack or cover allows you to take off the cover and wash it if need be. There are also many types of covers available in different colors, material types, and patterns allowing you to change your cover if desired.


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