99 Romantic Floral Printed Rug Ideas To Beautify Your Floor

A floral rug will bring springtime and summer into your home. Floral area rugs are feminine, romantic and of course colorful. On a cloudy day the warmth and beauty of a floral rug will put a smile on your face. Floral rugs add a whimsical and lively accent to your decor.

Floral area rugs can be stately. There are French Country designs and French Aubusson Designs that were made for royalty. Art Nouveau patterns reflect the period around the turn of the century. William Morris designs have floral patterns that were popular during the Arts And Crafts period of the roaring twenties.

Man has from the beginning of time been inspired by nature. Floral patterns taken from nature are represented in great works of art. Floral area rugs are considered an example of fine artwork. The Garden of Eden, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Gardens of Versailles, are an inspiration to the artist and designer. A single flower can inspire the whole area rug design.

A dinning room table and chairs placed upon a border rug that has flowers around the border is a perfect combination. The master bedroom is good place for a floral area rug. Adding a floral rug to the little girl’s bedroom can be the perfect feminine touch. The bathroom also lends itself to floral design area rugs. The entry of a country home will welcome your guests if there is floral rug there to greet them. Actually a floral rug can be placed in any room.


James Karrie

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