99 Pretty Backyard Pond Design Ideas

There are many ways to create your own unique backyard ponds or water gardens and we have some advice to help make it a fun and easy experience.

Before creating your water feature determine what your goals are. Are you trying to attract local wildlife, like frogs, turtles and birds? Would you prefer to have a water garden with a beautiful zen feel to it, featuring lilies, lotus and other aquatic plants? What about incorporating water into the design of your home? Remember you more than likely DO have room for a water feature. They can be anything from a half-barrel to a huge and deep pond in your back yard.

The first step in creating your project is to pick a location. You will want a location where you can create some shade for your pond and it is also nice to find a place where you can protect the water from having too many leaves or other debris from entering. Shade can be created in many ways. Water plants on the edge or in the pond will shade the water, many ornamental trees are ideal as long as they do not drop too many leaves. Backyard ponds can quickly be overrun by this type of debris.

The next step is to start the design process. This includes choosing the actual shape of the water feature, any waterfalls or other water features, filtration, and where and if you will be planting around the water. It is highly advisable to incorporate into the design several different depths and slopes around the pond edges. This will provide extra places for fish and animals to move around and for placing different types of water plants. You can create your water feature out of concrete, prefabricated tubs, or even use pond liners. Choose the option that is best for your project and budget. Concrete tends to be more expensive than a tub or a pond liner, but it may last longer if professionally installed.


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