45 Stunning Beach Themed Dining Room Design Ideas

As most beach vacation homes are owned by people from the cold winter north, the natural desire is to design the inside of the home to reflect the surrounding outdoor scenery and all of the things that draw northerners to the warmer climates of the south.

The key to selecting finishes and d├ęcor for a beach vacation home is remembering one important word: Light. Light colors, light fabrics, light finish materials for floors and accessories and, of course, allowing plenty of natural light to penetrate into the home. If the homeowner allows the reasons they are drawn to beach style living to enter into their vacation home, they will find it very easy to be inspired in making selections that will extend that atmosphere.

Light, tropical colors for the walls, in very pale greens, peaches, and coral pink will subtly bring the breezy feeling of the beach into any room. Accent this breeziness by hanging sheer, white, floor-length curtains at the windows to ebb and flow with the ocean light winds. Ceiling fans are a must in any beach front vacation home, both for functionality and for aesthetics, and in a tropical climate the most appealing finish is that of a light with bamboo fan blades to reinforce the laziness and serenity of the areas foliage.

Furniture can be oversized, as long as it is light in color and comfortable, inviting the user to lounge and nap. Stay away from dark, heavy wood furniture, especially in a dining area, as this will leave an impact of formality that is not in keeping with the laid back lifestyle of the beach. For a more casual feel, you may even consider stringing a wall mounted hammock in a sun room, to further induce a mid day siesta.


James Karrie

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