42 Comfortable Dark Wood Floor Ideas For Small House

Owning a natural hardwood floor is perhaps the most practical of all flooring materials. But of course as with most things, over a period of time the protective finish might start to wear off, especially in high traffic areas. This would be the perfect time to think about refinishing your wood flooring. Sometimes applying a modern new finish can actually make hardwood floors much easier to maintain than even when they were first installed.

If you have a wooden floor that has been covered in carpet for years, it would be a good time to refinish and freshen up the wood, that has more than likely dulled from being hidden for a long time. It is not an easy job to tackle the refinishing of a hardwood floor, and anyone who’s tried it can tell you that it can be very messy indeed. Starting with the removal of all the old finish. Therefore it is most certainly recommended that hardwood flooring specialists be bought in to do the job. They have the knowledge and experience, as well as all the proper equipment, to give your floors a top quality new finish. Using power sanders to remove all the old existing finish, and preparing the wood to accept the new stain.

There is a simple test you can try, to determine if your floorings finish is in bad shape, or if it’s simply dirty. Go to a place on your wood floor which is a high traffic area, where the wear and tear is at an optimal level and takes the most abuse. Pour a tablespoon of water onto the floor. If the water forms beads, then the floor is properly sealed still. You should only need to clean and perhaps use stain remover. If the water takes a few minutes to seep into the floor, and only darkens slightly, then the finish is probably only partially worn off. So don’t wait too long before you think about refinishing your floors.

If the water soaks straight into your floor and leaves a dark stain on the wood, it’s certainly time to refinish. There are many different stain shades available. Please remember what looks right in a book or on printed paper most probably look different on the real surface. Also different species of wood can look quite different even though it’s the same color of stain applied, so check your species.


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