47 Lovely Style Italian Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re going for an Italian style kitchen design then here are some really useful things to consider.

Firstly, think about why Italian kitchen design is so popular all around the world. Everybody knows the Italians are synonymous with cooking delicious food which is certainly a factor. But it’s how they prepare their meals that inspire so many people to design this style of kitchen. All of the family get involved and cooking the food is as much of an event as sitting round the table to eat it.

If you can create an Italian kitchen that is a family friendly environment but also suits your own specific needs then you will have done something very special. Now that you recognise the values behind Italian kitchens, you can set about designing a truly authentic version of one.

First of all, you need significant natural light in the space. Italian kitchens always have lots of sunshine beaming in which really warms up the space. Even if you can’t guarantee sunshine, you still get a vibrant, airy space that is pleasant to inhabit. If you only have a small kitchen fear not, do the best you can and think about clever storage solutions to squeeze every inch out of the space.

The Italians also love to use marble in their kitchens are you can create some spectacular designs using this material. However, it can be quite expensive and it is a dramatic statement, so if you’re thinking of using it then make sure it’s exactly what you want.


James Karrie

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