45 Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are a number of things you can do to control the costs of remodeling any bathroom. Many are surprisingly inexpensive. Here are seven suggestions to help you get through it without breaking the bank.

1. Leave fixtures in the same locations. Making huge plumbing alterations requires a licensed plumber who expects to be paid lots of money. But if you leave the fixtures in the same locations you might be able to put in all new fixtures yourself with the help of the DIY store. You may also be able to reuse your old fixtures if they are neutral in color. This could save you thousands of dollars on a remodel.
2. Choose basic white for permanent fixtures. It’s classic and it also costs less than custom colors or fixtures.
3. Reuse cabinets if possible. Cabinets are expensive. If you can reuse or re-purpose a cabinet it will save you money.
4. Fresh new, paint can make any room look better and more attractive. It’s the cheapest way to get a new look.
5. Don’t over decorate. Our neighbor added a whole new bath to their house they were trying to flip. Then they filled it with ruffles and lace. Prospective buyers were not impressed. The house is still unsold after years of trying.
6. Pay attention to the floor. Carpet or cheap vinyl floors turn off buyers. But they like ceramic tile, stone or wood.
7. Go for a look that goes with the architecture of the house. If people like the exterior they expect the interior to match. If the house is Tudor the bath should have the same look. Mid-century modern will need wood and slate or cork floors. A cottage or farmhouse might look good with marble surfaces and pedestal sinks in white porcelain.

To make the work go smoothly have someone act as the project manager, making sure all the necessary supplies are on site and all decisions are already made before work starts. Construction delays cost money.

And pay attention to other costs. A nice, relatively inexpensive ceramic tile might work just as well in your bath as stone for a fraction of the price.


James Karrie

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