43 Adorable Decorative Accent Pillows Ideas For Living Room

When it comes to decorating your interior the best weapon in any designer’s arsenal is the accent pillow (that and a keen eye for design of course). Drapes, curtains, rugs…whatever, when you break it down to dollars and cents there is simply no better bang for your buck. Even without considering the cost, the living room is the center piece of the house, the center piece of the living room is the sofa set, and the focal point of the sofa are the cushions. May sound a little one sided, I am the first to admit that I am a throw pillow fanatic, but if you think about it the point is quite valid. Be it your bedroom, living room, or a decked out club basement you have a plethora of powerful and affordable design options via accent pillows.

Not too long ago the cushions where one of the last things considered when designing a theme of a room, but with the influx of stylish inventive pillow arrangements form some of the world’s top designers the throw pillow has truly arrived. I do suggest considering the overall color scheme of you large furniture fixtures, carpeting, etc. when picking you accent pillows don’t feel limited in terms of style and tone. The bed, floor, and sectional sofa are your canvas to adorn with bold inspiring pillows as you see fit. This is what makes these little powerhouses so wonderful, within in minute and for well under fifty bucks you can literally transform any living space.

There are a wide variety of accent pillows to choose from in a huge range of shapes and textures. The most common types are those made of silk, embroidered or needlepoint, and the festive aubusson. Don’t get caught up in names or manufacturing techniques though, simply browse the home décor section of your local Bed & Bath, Pottery Barn, or Walmart and let your imagination run wild. If you going for a chic downtown Manhattan loft type look you can’t go wrong with bold solid or stripped silk pillows. The shine, comfort, texture of silk pillows are oozing with class and are a great way to add some pop to your minimalist modern décor without cluttering the eyes with intricate designs or patterns.

If your aim is a more traditional, slightly country, married with children but ever more stylish look then you may opt for an embroidered or needlepoint accent pillow set. This style goes great with earth tones, strong blues, and hearty reds as they tend to be woven from wool and other warm full bodied fabrics. If you looking to get a little more classy you may want to graduate from the embroidered to the aubusson style pillow. These pillows are named after the area of post renaissance France where they were originally crafted and are usually full of intricate Victorian designs adorned with tassels or flared edges.


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