99 Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

From the tiniest studio apartment to a lavish home with many bedrooms, to a comfortable farmhouse, everyone wants to create a living space which is warm and welcoming. The first place to start is in the living room, as this is where the family and guest congregate. Whether your style is elegant antique or rugged, masculine leather comfortable seating is of paramount importance. A leather sofa in black, brown or tan is a good choice because it is durable and attractive and can be used as the building block for many different decor styles.

If you prefer a delicate, feminine, floral touch, invest in a plush, upholstered sofa, in either a patterned or neutral fabric. If plumping for a patterned sofa, be sure to choose neutral curtains so that the look does not become overwhelming.

Another essential design element is your choice of floor covering. Beautiful hardwood floors will be enhanced by rugs in a rich Persian design. If you are in a modern apartment block with concrete floors, wall-to-wall covering will add warmth. Choose a color which will stand up to wear and tear if you have children or pets, especially in high-traffic areas. White, champagne or beige carpeting is strictly for adults with plenty of time or resources to devote to keeping the floor covering in pristine condition.

Small windows can be maximized by placing the pelmet or rail higher and wider than strictly necessary, creating the illusion of a larger window and allowing more light to stream through.

When choosing wall coverings remember that it takes a large room to carry off deep burgundy or red walls. If you are living in a smaller space, stick to light pastels, white or beige which makes the room look larger. Painting the entire wall space including the ceiling will also help create an illusion of a larger space. Rubbed, washed or ragged paint treatments add a warmer dimension to a room if solid white or beige is not to your taste.

James Karrie

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